In Russia, Mother's day has been celebrated also recently. It has been established by the order of the RF President number 120 "On Mother's Day" from the 30th January 1998 and is celebrated on the last Sunday of November. This day has a special place among multiple holidays celebrated in Russia. This is the day to say warm and grateful words to all Mothers, who give children love, kindness, care and tenderness. On the 24th November 2016 kids from the Preschool, Choir and Jazz vocals groups have prepared a concert for their parents, with which they wanted to say Thank you, dearest of all! Taganka children's fund sincerely hopes that children will say many more kind words to their mothers on this and other days to come!
День матери в Таганском детском фонде
There are many various issues, deep and serious problems that trouble the kids and, when not tackled timely, will remain unsolved, ruin children's psyche and become the source of constant misbehaviours and unexplained diseases. When the kids get involved in creative activities, they effectively open up new skills, develop their creative self, take more initiative and develop as personalities. While playing through various situations, the child can look at the problems from the different point of view, can evaluate his or her reaction to it, change attitudes, develop values and start treating people differently. The child discovers new opportunities to build relations with others and express themselves as well as becoming a better person. The highly skilled team of Taganka children's fund will help children and teenagers find their hidden issues, take them to the surface and tackle them, while learning to communicate better, make contact with people, understand others better and accept themselves and others as they are. Every child has a talent. We invite children and teenagers from 7 to 17 years old to the free classes of Taganka shed inclusive theatre. The classes take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Marksistsky per. 3. Please call us on +7 495 9117429 or +7 495 9117449 to find out more.
Вовлечение детей в активную творческую деятельность – эффективное средство помощи детям в преодолении самых разных проблем
The "Warmhearted" studio has produced a set of puppets to order by the Centre of social support to family and children "Semya". Now the kids have a new theatre to play with. The studio now takes individual orders too. It also welcomes new participants to come and join the team. If you have any questions or would like to join the studio, please call +7 495 3690034. The classes take place at Bolshoi Fakelny pereulok, 9/11. This activities are realised by the Taganka children's fund within the framework of Help yourselves project of the Charitable programme of support to NGOs and physical persons by invitation from CAF Russia and with support of CAF foundation (Charities Aid Foundation).
Кукольный театр руками наших мастериц
In spite of the weather outside, Rostochek group for children with disabilities has recently held a celebration of autumn. Participants have been sharing poetry on autumn themes, sang songs and danced with autumn leaves, made during one of their workshops. And most importantly, they have performed the play by V. Suteev called "Under the mushroom cap".
Праздник осени в группе "Росточек".
The year 2017 will be the year of the Fiery Rooster according to the eastern calendars. You can find all sorts of roosters among our children's toys and Xmas decorations. Not all of them are fiery, but we promise, they are all magical! Please order yours today by e-mailing: or calling +7(495)369-00-34
Мастерская "Сердечно" готовится к Новому году.
Taganka children’s fund invites you to take part in a charitable project “DOING GOOD WITH A POSTCARD FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON 2017”. By joining in, you will not only be able to congratulate your friends, colleagues, partners and clients with upcoming winter holidays with the help of our beautifully designed cards, but also help families in need, including single-parent, large families and families with disabled children or parents in them.
Добрая открытка к Новому 2017 году
The crafty participants of the "Warmhearted" workshop are already making Christmas decorations, and we are now ready to offer them for sale. Who wants to buy some for the coming festive season? All decorations are handmade of cloth, which makes them safe for little children, as there are no little beads and marbles, all pieces are safely secured on the cloth. Also you can buy a Xmas tree made of cloth from us and decorate it together with you little one. All products for sale is available on our website -
Проект "Помоги себе сам!"
Charitable foundation "Children's World" invites you and your kids to the launch of the family comedy "Adventures of the mad professor", 0+. The event will take place on the 31st of October at 1pm in the flagship Children's World shop at 10 Vozdvizhenka street. The film will be presented by the actors Mark Bogatyrev, Artyom Fadeev and Zhenya Malakhova. You will have an opportunity to meet the actors, participate in the signing session, see the trailor presentation and receive a small present from our foundation. Please sign up by calling +7 495 911 74 49
The inclusive theatre Taganka shed continues enrolment of children 7 to 15 years old into junior and middle groups. The classes take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5pm till 7pm at Marksistsky per. 3. You will get an opportunity to try your acting skills, to overcome public speaking fears, to develop your creativity, communication skills, speech and the most important - to have fun in the friendly environment and find new friends. We look forward to welcome you soon! The new play is ready to be staged!
Приглашаем на занятия в "Таганка Шед"
Thanks to the funding from Cargill company, we have launched social rehabilitation classes in Rostochek group on the 3 September 2016. The classes take place twice a week on Wednesdays from 11.00 till 13.30 and on Saturdays from 11.00 till 14.30 at Taganka children's fund venue Marksistsky per. 3. Rostochek group is now getting prepared for the Autumn celebrations. Participants with various degrees of disability have started learning new songs, poems and dances. They also work on new crafts and decorations for the celebrations, so that they are fully involved in all activities for the performance.
Шаг в будущее
Studio "Warmhearted" has succesfully presented its project during the seminar at the All-Russian People's Front (ONF). The project aims to provide additional earning opportunities and part-time employment to those mothers, who are not able to work full-time due to the difficult life situation. This project is realised in the framework of the Charitable programme of support to NGOs and physical persons on invitation from CAF Russia with support from CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)
Мастерская "Сердечно" представила свой проект на семинаре в ОНФ
Studio "Warmhearted" invites 16+ year olds who are entitled to benefits to come join its classes and become a craftsman or a craftswoman, to learn to create sweet bouquets from chocolates, educational toys, interior accessories and many other useful things. You will also participate in exciting workshops. Upon completing this training, you will be able to earn additional income by selling your hand-made products. For more information and to sign up, please call +7(495)369-00-34. The classes will take place at the following address: Bolshoy Fakelny pereulok. 9/11. This is a Taganka children's fund project within the wider "Help Yourselves" strand of work supported by the Charitable programme of support to NGOs and physical persons on invitation from CAF Russia with support from CAF (Charities Aid Foundation).
«Мастерская Сердечно» приглашает
The "Children's World" foundation has organised a charity event "Participate! and "Back to school together" from the 1 till 31st August 2016. The Children's World chain shops located at Dubravnaya street and Pyatnitskoye shosse have collected donations and passed them on to Taganka children's fund. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all anonymous benefactors, the staff of the "Children's World" foundation and staff of the "Children's World" chain shops for the provided help to children from low-income families. Thanks to your care, children from these families have started the new school year well-equipped with everything they require at school, including notepads, paints, pens, pencils and gym uniforms. With your support children are already proud to achieve first good results.
Благотворительная акция БФ "Детский мир"  "Участвуйте"
On the 7th September 2016 Taganka children's fund hosted an off-site traineeship entitled "The Municipality is the Territory of social cohesion", as part of the 7th All-Russian exhibition-forum "Together for the sake of children! Together with children!". Professional community has been presented with the experience of joint promblem solving of families with children through utilizing and combining all available resources of the Taganka district. Presenters included Nadezhda Smirnova, the head of the department for support of Social projects of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives and Sergey Golubev, the General Director of the LLC "Foundation for social investment". Sergey Borzov had lead the round table discussion on professional development of NGOs and utilizing available resoures: achievements, difficulties and prospects". Taganka children's fund own project entitled "Studio "Warmhearted" aimed at training and part-time employment for teenagers and adults has been the topic of the lively professional discussion. Participants of the event also had a chance to take part in adn enjoy the show class of the "Inclusive theatre "Taganka Shed", which presents techniques of tackling psychological issues of children through inclusive creative process.
VII Всероссийская выставка-форум "Вместе ради детей! Вместе с детьми"                                                              «Вместе – ради детей! Вместе с детьми!»
August 27, 2016 Taganka Children's Fund participated in the garden party dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, which took place atthe residence of British Ambassador . Together with young and older guests of the festival actors from the theater " Taganka Shed " and participants Workshop “From the bottom of the heart” spent time , enjoying the nice weather , playing , doing sweet boutonnieres , sang and played croquet . Thanks to all the guests of the event for their attention and support.
Мастер-классы Таганского детского фонда
Britain through the eyes of Russian artists. The new project of Taganka children`s fund and Dr.MoLi Consulting to the 100th Anniversary of the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce
Британия глазами русских художников
Inclusive Theatre "Taganka Shed " team runs master classes for children, who stay in the city during summer period - participants of the city summer program "Moscow holidays 2016."
Таганка Шед – «Нет каникулам!»
Inclusive Theatre " Taganka Shed " took part in the festivities for families with disabled children and young people with disabilities in Moscow , dedicated to the International Day of the Family, Сreative marathon " ROAD TO DREAM " May 15, 2016 in Tagansky park . Festival is organized by the Public Council of parents of disabled children and young people with disabilities of the Central Administrative District Department of Labour and Social Protection of Moscow City Population.
«Таганка Шед» в Творческом  марафоне   «ПУТЬ К МЕЧТЕ»
Taganka children’s fund expresses sincere thanks to all participants for making the 11th CHARITABLE BOWLING TOURNAMENT on May 12th 2016 such a great success! The tournament took place at Bi-Ba-Bo bowling club – our generous annual host since the very 1st event and its director Nikita Kozlov! Our special congratulations go to the winning team Mercury , a faithful participant and supporter of TCF for many years. Second prize -Work Service team supporting TCF for 7 years , and third prize –Dream team . We would also like to say a huge thank you to our great friend and organizer of the bowling tournament – Don Craig, without whom this annual event would not be possible!
11 Благотворительный турнир по боулингу в поддержку Таганского детского фонда
Taganka Children's Fund expresses heartly thanks to the Federation of KUDO of Russia, to the Dojo of the sensei Sinyutin, the Professional Club, equipment center of KUDOWEAR, personally to the President of KUDO of Russia R.M.Anashkin, instructors D.N.Sinyutin and K.A. Simankin for the extremely important and necessary project of Kudo - Strength and Kindness, for organisation of the adaptive physical culture trainings for children and adults with disabilities.
Благодарность Федерации КУДО России

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