«Taganka Shed» Theatre

Inclusive Theatre "Taganka Shed" is a project in partnership between the Taganka Children's Fund and the London theatre company Chickenshed.


It is a theatre for everyone, without restrictions of age, or health status.

There are many sides of a child's life, where deep and serious experiences, which are hidden inside and not tackled properly, remain in place, putting pressure on the child's mental health and becoming a source of bad moods or behavioural problems, as well as unaccounted for health issues. Involving children in creative activities is an effective means of developing children's abilities and their creative individuality, initiative, and identity formation. Living through a variety of situations in the theatre, the child becomes aware of the challenges, learns to react to the events, discovers new values and meets special people who are different. It opens up new possibilities for building new relationships and for self-realization, so that one can improve their own understanding and grow.

Preparation of theatrical performances helps a child to be more organised, responsible, caring about other, a sense of your partner's "elbow" helps create a community, and by doing so it is  helping to overcome possible feelings of embarrassment, shyness and self-constraint. Participating in staging has a powerful therapeutic effect on children and helps them overcome many issues and strengthen psychological health.

Methodology and philosophy of the inclusive theatre was shared with us by the Chikenshed London theatre project, and we hope to successfully develop this area of work in Russia.

A highly professional team of teachers at "Taganka Children's Fund"  help children and young people to express themselves better, to overcome communication barriers, to learn to communicate better with people, to understand and accept themselves and others just as we and they are. We believe that the talent lives in each of us.

"Taganka Shed" inclusive theatre invites children aged 7 to 17 years to join. The classes are free.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Public Relations Committee of the city of Moscow.

We are located at: Marxistsky pereulok, 3, "Taganka Children's Fund"
Please sign up for classes in the new school year by phoning +7(495) 911-74-49 or +7 (495) 911-74-29
The classes are held twice a week.



We are children and adults
Dreamers and realists
Each of us has a lot to offer,
And together we can do everything!
We do not pretend to be pros,
Our theatre is built on ideas
Of each participant.
We are open-minded
And we learn from each other.
What is important is that the beautiful things we create, 
Are done together! 
And together we make magic!!!

Join us!
We will be glad to see you!

In partnership with Chickenshed Theatre Trust