About Us

Taganka Children’s Fund was founded in 1991 in a period of sharp economic crisis in Russia. Our first steps in the field of charity were connected with the distribution of humanitarian aid for one of the most unprotected social groups – disadvantaged families of Tagansky District in Moscow.

Now, it’s a different story…

Today the Fund works not only on the territory of Tagansky District, but supports more than 700 disadvantaged Moscow families, including single-parent families, large families and families with disabled children or parents.

The Fund has grown into a professional organization, which provides various specialized services to:

• families undergoing financial and psychological problems
• children and young people affected by disability
• teenagers and young people

In Moscow, just like everywhere in Russia and in the world, thousands of people face a great number of problems which they can’t overcome without someone's help. Families and children in such situations are in urgent need of a high-quality targeted help and support, which will allow them to change their lives.

All your problems are important for us, and we try to help everyone. Our main aim is to bring positive changes in people’s lives.

Be our friend. Be part of something really important.!