Taganka children's fund has organised a photography exhibition: Taganka district. Photography through time. It is a well known saying that those who do not know their past, do not have a future. Residents of Taganka district have shared with us a huge number of amazing photographs depicting gone times in Taganka. Our heartfelt thanks go to all those, who have contributed to the exhibition. The exhibition is now officially open. We look forward to welcoming you there.
«Таганский район. Фотография сквозь время»
Taganka children's fund and the Detsky Mir children's supermarket chain are pleased to announce the 'Getting ready for school' campaign. If your family is struggling to get a child ready for school, please get in touch with us by emailing TCFcharity@mail.ru and we will invite you to the event that we will be organising soon.
Соберем ребенка в школу
Taganka children's fund would like to heartily thank the students and lecturers of the Alfred Shnittke Higher school of music for the amazing musical programme that they prepared for the Curiosity day held at TCF on the 5th of April. Even the most restless children have been so interested that they sat still and listen to interesting stories about how musical instruments are made, how they sound and enjoyed pieces by Bach and folk songs. It was great to see how children wanted to come nearer and learn more about the musical instruments after the performance. This amazing musical celebration was followed by master-classes, games and prizes. We look forward to welcome all to the next event soon!
Высшая школа музыки подарила детям День Любознайки
You are cordially invited to our next Curiosity day, which will take place on the 5th April at 6pm at 3, Marksistsky pereulok. Families with children from 2 to 18 y.o. will be greeted by the students of Alfred Schnittke Higher school of music, who will perform a concert for them. There will be grand piano, balalaika, violin, flute and vocals! You will also be able to try different activities, such as papier mache, plasticine and interactive musical activities. We will also continue our programme of vocational consultancy. We look forward to see you there!
И снова «День Любознайки»!
Taganka children's fund is pleased to announce the launch of a new group for boys and girls - Martial arts, including Kung Fu and free-style wrestling. We look forward to welcome boys and girls between 10 and 15 y.o. twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 till 5pm. These classes are free of charge. Please sign up by calling (495) 9117449 or (495)9117429.
Набор в новую  группу - единоборства
On the 10th of March the group for social rehabilitation of young people Rostochek has celebrated the International Women's day. Together with their tutors they have prepared surprises for their mothers and grandmothers. The girls prepared the Dance of hearts and the boys - the dance of sailors. There was a lot of singing, poems, music and treats. The parents of the young people notice that their children are developing new skills and transforming, which is really great news for us. Seeing the results of their efforts is particularly encouraging.
Женский день в Росточке
The masterclasses with the tutors from Taganka children's fund who have attended and shared their ideas at the Festival of Leisure clubs of Taganka district has been a great success! We are very pleased to have such amazing experts working in our team.
Фестиваль досуговых клубов
The social rehabilitation group for young people Rostochek would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the students of the All-Russian academy of trade of the Ministry of economic development for the wonderful celebration that they have organised for us. It was a great way to welcome spring. It was fun to sing songs together, dance and celebrate! thank you for your kindness and your time. We look forward to see you next time.
Спасибо студентам-волонтерам!
Taganka children's fund is pleased to invite families with children 2-18 y.o. to celebrate the day of the curiousity! The event will take place on the 2nd February at 5pm at Marksistsky per 3. Children and parents will have an opportunity to try sculpting, safe chemical experiments, foreign languages, guitar playing, acting, drawing, professional advice and enjoy the interactive programme of events. We look forward to see you there!
«День Любознайки»
We are pleased to invite you to join our new group: Mother and baby classes for parents with children from 1,5 to 3 y.o. The main aim of the classes is to learn how to stimulate your child's development (speech and brain development) through games and activities. The experienced instructor will tech you to: - play with your child with the help of articulation; - fingers play; - play active games to develop mobility, rhythm and listening - develop sound and sound repetition; - develop colour, form and size understanding; - develop speech and voluptuary; - to draw and understand composition. Please sign up by calling +7 495 911 74 49 or +7 965 352 44 53 The classes will take place once a week and will last 1 hour. The cost is 1,600 rub. per month.
Мама и малыш
We are pleased on announce a new group for children - Paper arts. Children will try applied ornaments, paper construction, origami, cross-cutting and other techniques. These classed will help develop such skills as: - attention, patience, persistence - movement and speech - coordination, memory and logic - abstract thinking, creative thinking. We invite children from 6 y.o. to come join us. Please sign up by calling +74959117449 or +79653524451. The classes will take place twice a week at Marksistsky per 2.
Моделирование из бумаги
Rostochek group for young people with disabilities has celebrated the New Year with a lot of positive emotions. Both young people and their parents/guests have really enjoying staging and watching the Sleeping beauty play. While trying on various roles and going through different life situations, the young people have learnt new reactions and attitudes to the events, and discovered new opportunities in building relationships and self-realisation.
Новогодний праздник в группе "Росточек"
As you know, TCF's 'Warmhearted workshop' runs a project called Help yourselves, which provides additional work for mothers that can't work full time. Please take a look at a wonderful selection of festive souvenirs that the workshop has produced. Please get in touch to order your tree decorations, candy flower bouquets and other handmade crafts. Call us on +7 (495) 9122718 and (495) 9117449, or e-mail : 2951525@gmail.com By buying the produce of the workshop, you are helping the families in difficult life situations. The Help yourselves project is possible thanks to the generous support of CatFoundation and CAF Russia.
Подарки к Новому году
The National Foundation for rehabilitation development invites you to join a free education project - the Workshop of Good. It is open to young people with disabilities between 12 and 25 years old. Young people can learn computer skills (multimedia and design) and basic drawing and painting skills. Additionally you will have an opportunity to visit the Tretyakov gallery and its branch accompanied by the arts lecturer, as well as get advice on career opportunities in web-design, production of video and animation. The course is 1 year (November 2017 - November 2018). The classes will take place twice a week: 1 computer class and 1 drawing/painting class. All materials will be provided by organisers. The training is free of charge. The classes will take place in the scientific library number 1 at Dubininskaya ul. 20. It is fully equipped for wheelchair use. The lecturers include certified pedagogues from the School of digital arts Codabra - http://www.codabra.org/, who have been trained as multimedia directors, painters and arts experts for Tretyakov gallery. At the end of the course each participant will be expected to complete one real job for a real client (a calendar for the next year). More information is available at http://www.fondnfr.ru/news/otkryt-priem-zajavok-v-masterskuju-dobra-185.html Please send your enquiries to info@fondnfr.ru with the Workshop of Good as a title of the message. You will then be invited for an interview. We look forward to meet you soon!
Мастерская Добра приглашает
On the 16th November Taganka children's fund took part in the Round table discussion at the State Duma. It was devoted to the theme of Overcoming social orphanage in Russia and developing social services market. The programme director of TCF Sergey Borzov made a presentation at the event. As the outcome of the meeting, all participants have highlighted the importance for development of the Expert council on the issues of families in difficult life situations and improvement of demographic situation.
«Таганский детский фонд»  в Государственной Думе РФ.
The next seminar of the programme took place on the 14-15 November. This time our colleagues from the Moscow-based schools spoke about professional communication with children, i.e. how to ask questions in a right way and how to answer to the wrong questions. Topics of the personal positions in social work, professional values and motivation of clients have also been raised. How to motivate people and what is detrimental for it featured highly on the agenda. The experience of such charities as Semya from Moscow and the Road home from Cherepovets have been discussed as examples of already realised programmes. The next meeting will be devoted to planning case work: how to set up objectives for your work with the family in question, how to share responsibilities with the family, how to make sure you suggest the correct services and other.
Профилактика семейного неблагополучия – территория партнёрства.
TCF is now ready to offer its Christmas cards to all of you. Please order you cards from TCF and not only send your festive messages to your friends, colleagues and clients, but also support the vital work with single-parent and large families, families with disabled members and other families in difficult life situation. You can choose to buy exclusive rights for the design or order the cards printed especially for you. Please choose your favourite design in the gallery and get in touch to place an order. We look forward to hear from you soon.
До Нового года осталось всего 8 недель!
Dear all, 2018 is a year of the dog (in Chinese calendar) and our Warmhearted workshop has prepared festive gifts for you - dog decorations for your Christmas trees. We have a variety of colours and breeds in stock, so you can buy one for your friends and family as they like it. Please call us to place an order. The Help yourselves projects is generously supported by CatFoundation and CAF Russia.
Новогодние собачки
On the 25th October TCF has run a seminar for the specialists of the social and psychological service of the school 518. A lot of questions have been asked and the ranking order of the issues to work on has been compiled. Number one remains on case work with the families, number two is communication skills and number three is inter-sector and inter-agency cooperation. Once again we have been reassured that it's more effective to work together as partners. We would like to especially thank the regional public organisation for support to children with autism sector disorder Contact. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.
Взаимодействие с коллегами из школы 518
On the 23rd of October our first interdisciplinary council took lace at the Science centre for mental health of children and young people. Specialists from Semya, Contact and TCF have taken part in this first meeting. This was the foundational meeting, it was important to understand the procedures, presentation of cases and development of recommendations for work. Director of the Science centre Bebchuk acted as a moderator. The monthly schedule has been developed for future events. The next meeting will also include our colleagues from partner schools. Now we can definitely say that we are one step closer to providing better support to children and young people with mental health issues.
Междисциплинарный консилиум

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