You can help

There are many ways to help us. We are happy to offer you various opportunities depending on how you would like to help. 

Ways to become our friend

For individuals 
  • Please share information about our work with those in your circle of friends or colleagues who might be interested and able to help. 
  • Please help us organise a fundraising event or hold a fundraising event in our aid. 
  • or just come visit us regularly to check on what activities are happening and what help is required! 

For companies
  • Sponsor a project. You can choose from existing projects or we can organise a project together. 
  • Pro bono services. Pro bono services by your company will be hugely appreciated by our beneficiaries. Please get in touch to discuss in more details. 
  • Secondment. Your staff can play an important role in our charity work. Please consider secondment options for short-term involvement of your staff in our activities. Please get in touch to discuss details. 
  • In-kind donations. We will appreciate opportunities to use your office space, to receive donations, such as computers or software in working condition, use your car fleet or printers during a charitable/fundraising event preparations. Please get in touch to discuss options. 
  • Preferred supplier. If you would like to consider an option to choose us as your supplier of, for example, psychological support for staff sessions, or to buy goods, such as New Year and Christmas cards, or souvenirs produced by TCF, you will be helping greatly to help us run our services for those in need. 

If you are unsure whether or not you can help, please just phone us and we will find a way that will meet your needs and will help us support those in a difficult life situation. 

Make a donation

Your donations are used to fund the programmes of TCF and help families and children in need directly. Even a small donation can lead to a life change for better. 

Become our volunteer

We are regularly looking for volunteers to help run children's activities, such as outings and excursions, organising children's celebrations and fundraising events, and many more. Please get in touch to find out what is on the agenda at the moment! 

We look forward to talk to you soon!